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The female mobile developer challenge was created inorder to increase the number of women in the digital space. It's main purpose is to empower girls to become innovators in different fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own future through exposure to computer science and technology.We want to give the next generation of female programmers and sofware designers the support and encouragement they need to succeed.


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Lindani is a software developer for Red Hat Inc. and Linda is a medical doctor in the USA. They are both passionate about digital innovation and getting more females in the digital space.


mHub is a unique open technology space in Lilongwe where students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs and innovators come to work on their ideas/ projects and turn them into viable business models. mHub has a community made up of experienced mentors who provide both technical and business assistance to the upcoming entrepreneurs. The hub hosts events, workshops, tech-fests, hackathons and networking sessions to promote collaboration/ partnership investments and financing.


All applicants must adhere to the rules and guidelines explained in the guidelines section

How to Enter

Participants can submit their idea of a Mobile Application through a Google Form provided at this link. After presenting the idea of the mobile app, the participant will develop the application within a period of 8 Weeks. That application will then be submitted to mHub through a link provided at the end of development period.

Timeline and Prizes

The competition will run from 1 June to 1 Decemeber 2015. The first 2 weeks is the period for submission of interest and idea pitches. The next 6 Months from 15 June to 1 December will be for development and submission of projects. The final two weeks will be for our review panel to judge and crown the winner.The best mobile application(s) will be given prize money of $500 and will be nested at mHub’s incubator in Lilongwe.

Fees and Expenses

There is no registration fee to participate in the Challenge. Participants will be solely responsible for their own out of pocket expenses incurred via participation in the Challenge.


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Dont miss the chance to make your mark on the Malawian Tech community. Prize money of up to $500 up for grabs.


These are the rules and guidelines that every team or developer must adhere to, for her or them to remain eligible and have a good chance of winning the competition. Some points in this section are stricter than others, some are just suggestions or advice. Those that are stricter will be indicated.

Download Guidelines-PDF

Technically Functional

The application should be able to carry out all the tasks that are written in the documentation.

Coded by Malawian Developer

The competition allows teams of not more than three. The app should be written by a local developer or developers of not more than 35 years.

Phone Accessories

Extra credit will be given to those who use phone accesories(camera, USB functions) to complement app functionality.

App Compatibility

The app should be compatible with a range of devices that run on that platform. e.g If its in IOS, the majority of Apple devices should be able to run the app. Same goes for android,windows and other platforms.


If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us

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